Volume I: Disk - Contents

ST506 and ESDI Disk Controllers

    Adaptec ACB4000
    Emulex MD21

ST506 and ESDI Disk Drives

    Fujitsu M2243AS [71MB]
    Micropolis 1325 [71MB]
    Micropolis 1355 [141MB]
    Toshiba MK156 [141MB]
    Micropolis 1558-15 [327MB]

Single Ended Embedded SCSI Disk Drives

    CDC 94211-91 [91MB]
    Quantum 105S [104MB]
    CDC 94161-155 [155MB]
    Quantum 210S [207MB]
    Maxtor LXT-213SY [207MB]
    Conner CP30200 [207MB]
    CDC 94171-327/344 [327MB]
    Micropolis 1588-15 [669MB]
    Maxtor XT-8760S [669MB]