Sun Archive EPROM Page

Several Sun3/80 EPROM Versions

Info about 3/80 Versions:

cpu               prom                 result

501-1401 12rev51  524-1041-07 (3.0.3)  works OK with 4M simms even if
                                       they are after a 1M set
				       The PROM version 3.0.3 is able to boot 
				       from the SCSI disk even if the NVRAM is 
				       dead! Older versions won't do that!

501-1401 12rev50  524-1041-05 (3.0)    gives memory error in self test,
                                       with a 3.0.3 rom it is OK

501-1650 2rev50   524-1041-06 (3.0.2)  works Ok with 4M simms

501-1401 10rev50  524-1041-05 (3.0)    gives memory error in self test
                                       with 3.0.3 and 3.0.2 ram is Ok
                                       but self test gived an i/o mapper
                                       ram error, so it is useless.

If you have an Image of a ROM missing above please send it to me.