Welcome to the Sun3 Patch Archive

Now, that Sun has completely dropped the support for the good old sun3's, i've grabbed all relevant patches, which i could find for sun3, and put them into this place. I fear, that it won't change much in the future.

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This archive contains only patches for SunOS 4.1.1!!! I've not collected any patches for SunOS 4.0.X or 4.1. Upgrade your sun3 machines to 4.1.1!

Unfortunately, this archive is not complete. The reasons are:

If you have one of the missing patches or a newer version of an existing patch, please send it to me. If you find a patch here, which is NOT relevant (or does have faults!), then give me an e-mail too.

You'll notice, that i have a lot more README files than patches itself. These are README's of older or missing versions. But in some cases, there exists a newer version of the README than of the patch. This is generally the case, where the sun3 support was silently dropped.