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RPM-Packages for Sun3/3x

Several Packages

Thanx to Martin Etteldorf ( for providing GNU Diff Utils, Essential GNU stuff, gcc-3.2.3, misc net utils, vim 5.8, NTPD, OpenSSH/SSL/OCRandom, Perl and X11R6.8.
Thanx to Klaus Elsbernd ( for the new X11R6.3.
Cimera is a nice HTML-Browser. X11R5 and X11R6-Version
Mosaic-2.7b[45] is the well known WWW-Browser linked with a static Motif-Library and dynamic X11R6pl12. It was built with gcc 2.7.2.
XFtp-2.0 is a Motif-Based FTP-Utility (with static Motif-Library).
NEdit-4.0.1 is a Motif-Based Editor (with static Motif-Library).
Samba was compiled by Geert Bosch. He decided to leave it here because of his slow UUCP-Link ;)
top-3.5beta12 provided by Klaus Ziegler
FPversion shows your CPU, FPU Type + Mask-Revision and Clock-Frequency.
Thanx to Jon Schewe for building the binutils.